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Sing together. Be part of a community. The children's and youth choir schola cantorum weimar enables children and youth to become musically educated and artistically broad-minded.


The children’s choir was founded in January 2002. It was already then that some of the parents privately initiated the formation of a choral community with the aim of promoting musically interested children and developing their joy in choral singing.

While the choir started performing with about ten members, it grew very fast. In 2006, the newly founded association schola cantorum weimar became the organizing institution of the choir. Meanwhile, 250 young singers of all ages between 5 and 21 sing in various choral sections (the preliminary choir, the young choir, the children’s choir and the youth choir) under the direction of conductor Cordula Fischer. Besides weekly rehearsals, regular concerts and performances, multi-day choral camps and intense rehearsal periods constitute important highlights in the course of the choral year.

The choir has cooperated with other ensembles on a number of occasions, e.g. the choir and orchestra of the municipal church “St. Peter und Paul” Weimar, the orchestra of the Musical School Weimar and the opera school of the University of Music FRANZ LISZT. In the past years, sections of the choir participated in music theatre productions of the Deutsche Nationaltheater Weimar.

Since January 2011, the choir is a member of Verband Deutscher Konzertchöre [Association of German concert choirs].

Our choirs

In the Preliminary Choir, the youngest start to sing from age 5 upwards and are playfully familiarized with music through basic singing and movement exercises.

The Young Choir (approx. age 8 to 11) sets out to growing into the repertoire of the “big ones” with first monophonic and polyphonic song arrangements. Minor singing games promote the ability to concen trate and persevere.

In the Children's Choir (from the age of 10 upwards), children learn polyphonic singing, listening to the others and acting together with one another. Choral arrangements from low to medium difficulty are brought to concert level.

The Youth Choir (from the age of 14) presents itself as a young and self-confident ensemble. Individual voice training completes the choral experience. A broad a-cappella repertoire forms the basis for autonomous performances.

The Youth Chamber Choir accepts capable singers from the age of 16 upwards who aim to amend their experience that they gain from the Youth Choir.

Banner Jugendchor Adventskonzert, Bild: Candy Welz
Bild: Candy Welz

The team

Cordula Fischer

Artistic and pedagogical direction

Cordula Fischer studied music education, voice trainingand choral conducting at the University of MusicFranz Liszt in Weimar. From 1999 to 2016, she conducted the Philharmonic Children's and Youth Choir at the music school Erfurt. Since January 2002 she has conducted the schola cantorum weimar which she founded herself, and since February 2017 the newly founded Chorakademie Erfurt.

Sebastian Göring

Conductor of the Youth Chamber Choir

Sebastian Göring studied orchestral conducting in Leipzig and choral conducting in Erfurt as well as music education, voice training and information technology in Weimar and Jena.

Hsin-Pei Liu


Since 2013, Hsin-Pei Liu has accompanied rehearsals and performances of schola cantorum weimar as répétiteur.

Nandi Stolzenburg

Voice Training

The singers of the Youth Choir have the opportunity to regularly participate in individual voice trainings with Nandi Stolzenburg and thus improve their vocal skills.

Competitions & Prizes


2nd prize / 1st place at the Deutscher Chorwettbewerb in Freiburg / Breisgau for the children’s choir
Rating: “participated with very good results”

3rd prize / 3rd place at the Deutscher Chorwettbewerb in Freiburg / Breisgau for the youth choir

Rating: “participated with very good results”


7th Landeschorwettbewerb (of Thuringia) November 2017 Sondershausen:

Category F2 Children’s Choir 

1st place children’s choir of the schola cantorum Weimar – “participated with very good results”

2nd place children’s choir of the Chorakademie Erfurt – “participated with very good results”

3rd place young choir of the schola cantorum Weimar – “participated with good results”
Category D1 Youth choirs

Youth choir of the schola cantorum weimar – “participated with very good results”
The children’s choir of the schola cantorum weimar receives a special prize for the best performance in the category of children’s and youth choirs.


2nd place Category Children’s Choir
at the 9th Deutscher Chorwettbewerb in May 2014 in Weimar


1st prize Category F2: Children’s Choir – participated with excellent results!
at the 6th Landeschorwettbewerb(of Thuringia)
November 2013, Sondershausen


1st place Category A: Children’s Choir without compulsory work – young choirs of the schola cantorum weimar

1st place Category B: Children’s Choir with compulsory work – children’s choir of the schola cantorum weimar
at the 1st Thüringer Kinderchortreffen mit Kinderchorwettbewerb CHORALI Sondershausen November 2012


2nd place Category A (equal voice children’s choirs)
at the 5th Erwitter Kinder- und Jugendchorwettbewerb 28th/29th May 2011


2nd place Category: Children’s Choir
at the 8th Deutscher Chorwettbewerb in April 2010


1st place Category: Children’s Choir
at the 5th Landeschorwettbewerb (of Thuringia) April 2009, Sondershausen

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